Thursday, April 15, 2010




Awareness comes forward with undoubtable proof

there is no mind to be conscious of.

Deep study superficializes your ignorance with subtlety.

A craze of blue in a maze of tree shadows on the lawn.

Grape hyacinth colouring in the sun.

And then it’s gone like a lost crayon.

And a candle takes its place

like a future autumn in the scheme of things

that must pass to stay the way they are.

The light doesn’t say I am a star

The water doesn’t say I am rain

as if they had to account for themselves

by identifying themselves to a brain

that insists on knowing the names of things

like a child that never colours outside the lines

that are erased in a blaze of noon.

The condemned man says his life

is the doing of someone else

who isn’t the slightest like him.

But spiritual journeys are always circular

and going out is a way of going in.

Things end where they begin.

The light equally illuminates hell

in the same breath that reveals paradise.

Perishing is the way we stay alive.

You want to live?

You’ve got to perish to survive.

As it is in heaven so it is on earth.

Death without birth.