Sunday, March 22, 2009



I don’t try to allay the inevitable as much as I used to.

Let it come.

All my efforts are exhaustive and absurd.

I checked it out.

I’m not on the agenda.

I didn’t make the honour roll

and no matter how you dress the worm

maggots don’t turn into butterflies.

The important thing

is to wake up from conciousness

without dreaming you know who you are

or that there’s any right road to anywhere

that comes with a star.

If you want to shine,

you’ve got to learn to shine up

through the roots of everyone alike

as if there were no purpose to the light

or meaning to the flower that opens its book to the night

as if it were looking for a publisher.

I have died and died and died again

to empty myself like mirrors and rain,

focussed myself to the point of a pin

until space was the last balloon of my lonely skin

before I exploded into oblivion

to begin it all again

like an interminable birthday party

that keeps presenting me with a brain

like a watch on a gold chain

that runs too slow

to keep up with the accelerated pace

of my exponential afterlife

running like stars ahead of the light.

You can make constellations

out of anything you can see,

and franchise them all along the ecliptic

like truckstops for the longhaul planets

but the thirteenth house of the zodiac

is the only one where you can live in the moment

beyond your own future,

and before history.

You can live in clarity

with the unbegotten

of a generous mystery

that gives your life back to you

like something you might have forgotten.

You know how to be

a grain of sand in the universe,

and count yourself small and trivial

but you know nothing about

conducting yourself like the universe

in a grain of sand.

So you wash yourself

out of your own eyes in tears

and go on watering mirages in a desert

that never blooms.

You case your own house like a thief

looking for a way to break in

that doesn’t alarm the windows

that can see you coming

from a long way off

like the back of your eyes

and like the woman in the mirror

you broke into a million images of you last night,

your face reflected in a million lockets of water

that broke like a womb,

how can you be fooled

by your own disguise

and pretend there’s no one here

in this long line of mugshots

taken of you as a loser

you recognize?

You want to know how to win?

Collect on the bounty.

Turn yourself in.

There’s a price on your head

more precious than life to the dead.